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Christmas and New Year Create your own WhatsApp sticker

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Christmas and New Year Create your own WhatsApp sticker

During the chatting on Instant Messaging app, the trend of sending emoji is very old, due to which WhatsApp brings a new sticker. But do you know that your own stickers can also be prepared? If you want to prepare your own sticker for the Christmas and New Year greetings, then it is possible. They will appear in your sticker bar just like a common sticker. Let's know how to make them.

Instant Messaging app Whatsapp has rolled out the sticker feature last month. There are sticker features in many users' phones, and those who do not have phones can update their phone and WhatsApp. If you want to create your favorite photo or sticker of your own photo then it is very easy.

Go to the Google Play store

In the user's phone the sticker update has arrived, go to Whatsapp chat. Then click on the icon of emoji on the left side of the text box. Now in the screen, there are three options below, which has the option of an emoji, another GIF and a third sticker. Click on the third option sticker, then on the right, a small + icon will appear, click on it. Now the stickers will come. Go down here and click on an option named 'Get More'. After this Google PlayStore will open on the screen. Then click on Sticker Studio - Sticker Maker for WhatsApp.

Icon of the app will be different

Sticker Studio - The icon of the Sticker Maker for WhatsApp app will look different on the phone screen, click on it. After this there will be a plus icon on the bottom right side of the screen, click on it. Then you will ask for access, then take a new photo or choose one of the photos from the gallery. After that, make a manipulative crop. Keep in mind that the crop should be in the sticker. For this, you can also watch the video given in the app on Google PlayStore. After cropping, save it.

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