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Google removes 85 dangerous apps from Android Play Store, check this list, they do not in your phones?

Google removes 85 dangerous apps from Android Play Store, after security researchers found these apps to be a disguise of an adware family.

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Google removes 85 dangerous apps from Android Play Store

Google has removed a total of 85 dangerous apps from the Android Play Store after security researchers found these apps to be a disguise of an adware apps user. These apps were available in the form of game, movie, TV, and remote control simulator apps on the Android Play Store.

Google removes 85 adware apps that were installed by millions of users

The issue a first reported by the security researchers at Trend Micro. "This adware is capable of displaying full-screen ads, hiding itself, monitoring a device's screen unlocking functionality, and running in the mobile device's background show the ads and said the researchers at Trend Micro in the blog.

According to the blog post, these apps have been downloaded over nine million times from the Play Store with one of the apps named this "Easy Universal TV Remote" has alone been downloaded over 5 million times. It is the popular downloaded apps among the list of all 85 adware apps. The app also received multiple users the comments until the time it was available on the Play Store. despite coming from different developers and signed by different APK public key certificates, the apps exhibited the same source code and shared.

Google Removes 85 Adware Apps That Infect 9 Million Android Users

So what harm could these apps actually more cause you? Once downloaded and launched, these apps display a more full-screen pop-up ad asking you repeatedly to press various buttons to continue. Every user's new page in the steps would open a new ad page. This would happen again and again until an app finally crashed. some of the malware apps the would disappear after showing that it is buffering. These apps would still run in the background and show up in every half an hour on the installs device.

Google removes 85 adware apps from Play Store that were installed 9 million times

The blog researchers found another type of fake apps also that exhibited a different type of ad-showing behavior. These This app would track the screen unlocking action and display ads every time user locked your phone’s screen.
This is not that Google has removed such click more fraud apps from the Play Store. The tech giant in November removed 13 malicious apps from the Play Store after they were found to lack legitimate functionality. Later in December, it removed another 22 fake apps for having a backdoor built into them that helped the apps do ad-more fraud.

Here are you can see a list of the malicious apps that you should not have on your phone:

 Bus Driver
 A/C Remote
 City Extremepolis 100
 Prado Parking Simulator 3D
 TV World
 American Muscle Car
 Idle Drift
 Offroad Extreme
 Remote Control
 Moto Racing
 TV Remote
 Trump Stickers
 Love Stickers
 Christmas Stickers
 Parking Game
 TV EN Espanol
 TV IN Spanish
 Brasil TV
 Nigeria TV
 Drift Car Racing Driving
★ Golden
 TV IN English
★ Racing in Car 3D Game
 Mustang Monster Truck Stunts
 TDT España
 Brasil TV
 Challenge Car Stunts Game
 Prado Car
 Universal TV Remote
 Bus Simulator Pro
 Photo Editor College 1
 Spanish TV
 Prado Parking City
 Pirate Story
 Extreme Trucks
 Canais de TV do Brasil
 Prado Car 10
 Canada TV Channels 1
 Prado Parking
 3D Racing
 USA TV 50,000
 GA Player
 Real Drone Simulator
 3d Monster Truck
 Vietnam TV
 Movies Stickers
 Police Chase
 South Africa TV
 Garage Door Remote
 Racing Car 3D
 TV Colombia
 Racing Car 3D Game
 World Tv
 TV of the World
 TV World Channel
 Televisão do Brasil

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