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Xiaomi Redmi Go vs Redmi 6A smartphone: Who better performances?

Xiaomi Redmi Go vs Redmi 6A smartphoneXiaomi has launched its new ultra-budget smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Go in India. The price of the Android Go smartphone is Rs 499 and there are many specifications which appear to be attractive but this is not really the case if you compare it to Xiaomi's in-house smartphone Redmi 6A, which appeared just a few months ago. Was there. It is available for Rs 999, which suggests a rupee, 500 rupees, however, comes with better specifications. Therefore, before purchasing the newly-launched Xiaomi Redmi Go, take a look that you get Rs. What will be additional in 1500 buyers?

Redmi Go’s what display pales in comparison with the Redmi 6A

Redmi Go. Redmi 6A Price. Redmi 6A Flipkart.

The new launched Redmi Go smartphone incorporates a 5-inch HD (1280x720) resolution show with tidy thick bezels on prime and bottom, whereas the Redmi 6A flaunts a five.45-inch screen with 1440x720 pixels resolution and slimmer bezels on prime and bottom.

Xiaomi: Why get ‘Lite’ version of apps once you will get the regular ones?

Since Xiaomi Redmi Go falls below the golem Go umbrella, users have access to the ‘Lite’ versions of apps. And most of them square measure seemingly to use them given 1GB RAM and 8GB inherent storage specifications. however, with Redmi 6A they'll still use the regular versions given double the storage and RAM capacities.

Android Go has been built for phones with relatively lower processing power

Redmi Go. Redmi 6A Price. Redmi 6A Flipkart.

Android Go limits the quantity of customization one will within the handsets. Also, not like the case with Android One, the updates for Android Go comes from the OEMs (Xiaomi during this case). What’s additional is that since this can be the stripped version of the regular Android OS, there won’t be any MIUI options aboard.

For Rs one,500 more, you get a much better rear camera with the Redmi 6A

When it involves rear cameras, the Xiaomi Redmi 6Aesports a 13MP detector with f/2.2 aperture. Redmi Go, on the opposite hand, gets an 8MP detector with an f/2 aperture.

once it involves RAM, Xiaomi Redmi Go’s RAM is insulant behind

Yes, Redmi Go has 1GB RAM, that is merely enough to run those ‘Lite’ apps. Redmi 6A’s base model a minimum of includes 2GB RAM.

Redmi 6A gets double the Redmi Go’s inherent storage with additional expandable storage support

Redmi Go. Redmi 6A Price. Redmi 6A Flipkart.

You can store additional content and apps on your Redmi 6A than Redmi Go. this can be as a result of the Redmi Go comes with 8GB inherent storage and 128GB microSD card support whereas the Redmi 6A base model comes with 16GB storage and 256GB microSD card support.

But you opt to buy the Redmi Go via EMI then you can get the Redmi 6A by paying Rs 121 extra per month, less than that of Redmi Go's
Redmi Go. Redmi 6A Price. Redmi 6A Flipkart.

You can buy the Redmi Go at Rs 219 on EMI (for 24 months) from Flipkart. On the other hand, for the Redmi 6A, you will have to pay an EMI of Rs 340 for 24 months. This means by just paying Rs 121 extra per month you get a more powerful smartphone. Also, the total difference in interest paid over two years between the Redmi Go and Redmi 6A is just Rs 412 in this case. The actual amount might differ from bank to bank but the point is just by paying as low as Rs 121 extra, first-time smartphone buyers can get the pure Android smartphone with a better experience with Redmi 6A

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