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WHATSAPP New 11 features coming soon your phone

Here are some of the cool and most new WhatsApp features that are in pipeline but could soon debut on your smartphone.

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WHATSAPP New 11 features coming soon your phone 

WHATSAPP New 11 features coming soon your phone: WhatsApp Message App is working on continuous new useful improvements and upgrade to make it more convenient, secure and with enhanced features. There are 11 features that WhatsApp is set to introduce soon on Android and is currently testing the same. The features that are set to enhance your WhatsApp users experience are as follows:

WhatsApp, Authentication feature: Authentication feature this would allow users to natively lock the app using the phone’s fingerprint sensor. The app can be locked immediately or users can pick a time of 1 min, 10 min or 30 min for locking. and saves your time

WhatsApp is also planning to roll out new features to fight fake news.

WhatsApp, Frequently Forwarded Message: A ‘frequently forwarded’ label would come on top of messages that have been shared over four times. This would help users determine the popularity of WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp, Forwarding Info: Forwarding Info is feature would allow users to check how many times a received message has been forwarded earlier. Users would be able to forward a message to their contact and then check the count of the Message Info section of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, Dark Mode: WhatsApp has redesigned various sections within the app (status bar, settings menu, profile, etc,). There are multiple iterations going on for this feature and the latest new update is available in its Beta version 2.19.82.

WhatsApp is working on bringing dark mode to its Android app.

WhatsApp, Picture in Picture 2.0: The picture in Picture 2.0: it would allow users to watch video from other social media sources like Facebook and Youtube within the app. Users would be able to watch the video even when the app is running in the background.
WhatsApp, In-app browser: In-app browser this would open a web browser within the app when a user tries to open a link. The feature would also alert the user when it spots a link that is not safe and contains malicious content.

WhatsApp, Consecutive Voice Message: Consecutive Voice Message these features Currently users play every audio file that they receive. The update will allow playing consecutive audio files automatically after the first file is played.

WhatsApp is planning to roll out updates to its PIP mode.

WhatsApp, New Audio picker: New Audio picker this feature will allow users to share a maximum of 30 audio files in one go. Currently, users can feature only one send audio file to one time.

WhatsApp, Ignore archived chats: Ignore archived chats, this features Currently archived chats get unarchived when a new pop up message comes there. The new feature will keep the archived messages archived even if a user receives a new message in the WhatsApp chat.

WhatsApp, No frequently forwarded messages in groups: No frequently forwarded messages in groups Soon, the group admins will be able to decide if they want the WhatsApp group members to share frequently forwarded messages in their group

WhatsApp, Search Image feature: Search Image this feature Users will be able to search image on the web that they receive in a chat. This would help the WhatsApp users in assessing whether the image that they received is true or fake.

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