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How to use "WhatsApp" using landline Number without mobile Number

You can register the landline number to use whitespace. After entering the number, the WhatsApp business app will send you an OTP. As if it is a landline number.
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How to use "WhatsApp" using landline Number without mobile Number
WhatsApp is one of the giant Messaging Platform used by billions of people across the best of one world. this fact that WhatsApp has become quite a popular messaging app within no time because of its user-friendly features like WhatsApp Voice Calling, unlimited send the SMS and images, video, and audio messages. Billions of all the mobile phone users have WhatsApp instant messaging app installed on their phone and PC so that they can send unlimited messages, share videos, and image to their friends and beloved relative. However, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that lets users create an account using the landline number and make use of all its incredible features.

Whatsapp account needs a contact number to sign. Now, the good news is this contact number could be of a mobile or landline. You can register any landline number to use WhatsApp but not the regular WhatsApp app. this method using the only on WhatsApp business App This is exactly how WhatsApp business accounts operate. You can use your landline number to send WhatsApp texts, for this, you have to download the WhatsApp business app.

However, you wish to hide your WhatsApp mobile number and use WhatsApp from any landline number is how you can do it. You need the current working landline number

How to use WhatsApp using landline number: Follow this step

You need to download the WhatsApp Business app

After WhatsApp Business is installed, the WhatsApp will ask for a phone number for OTP-based registration.

Select India code (+91) followed by the landline number with STD code. But omit the 0 on front, if any. So, if your landline number with STD code is 0221473XXX5 then add+91221473XXX5. Else, you can just call your mobile number from a landline the see how the number is shown on the mobile.

After the number is inserted, WhatsApp Business app will send the one time OTP. However, you do not receive any SMS on landline number for this.

Wait for the OTP SMS time to expire and then select the option ‘Call me’ for OTP  verification.

You will get a voice call on your landline phone number with the OTP.

Inserted the OTP and get follow the regular process of installing WhatsApp.

Now you can easily run your Whatsapp Business App, also with the help of your Landline Number.

Using WhatsApp Business with a landline number can be quite a pain as you will have to add your contact in WhatsApp list manually. But, this offers greater privacy and the best part is you can also set automated replies. The WhatsApp Business app gives a range of more options to manage messages better as well.

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