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Reliance Jio in preparation for 'Super App', will more 100 services one place

Reliance Jio is now serving over 300 mn subscribers in India as data and voice traffic has seen unparalleled growth.
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Reliance Jio in preparation for 'Super App', will more 100 services one place

Reliance Jio is working on a new 'super app' which will provide 100 services a platform. Reliance Jio Industries is already preparing to bring the world's largest new online and offline e-commerce platform to compete with Amazon and Wal-Mart-Flipkart. It will be a shock to Amazon and Walmart-Flipkart. Reliance Jio working on this 'super app'. Reliance Jio’s super-app will provide than 100 plus services on in platform.

Reliance Jio' growing power from super-app

RelianceJio is currently providing services to more than 300 million subscribers in India and has seen great growth in data and voice traffic. Experts say that by launching the 'Super App' at this time, Reliance will come into a dominant position in the case of India's WeChat, where Snapdeal, PettyM, Free charge, Flipkart and Hike have failed.

Reliance Jio is working on creating the world's largest online-to-offline New Commerce Platform.

Lord Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) said, "Reliance Jio is in Powerful Position with presence everywhere of  Devices. It can connect a wide ecosystem of its users to a multi-layered fabric and can connect online-to-offline with many services offering a one-stop super app. ' RelianceJio's super app will provide e-commerce, online booking, and payment facilities at one place. Ram Prabhu said, "India is a mobile-first nation, and a self-covered customer who provides all the facilities will love it very much."

E-commerce market to reach $ 84 billion

Reliance Jio now has an AI-based education layer with the Convertential Artificial Intelligence (AI) Layer, a Vernacular Voice Tech Layer, a Logistics Layer. Ram says, "With the Reliance Jio Devices Network, all this stuff brings Reliance on a dominant position in the matter of making India a vChat." India's fast-growing e-commerce market is expected to reach $ 84 billion by 2021, which was at $ 24 billion in 2017. This is said in the joint report of Deloitte India and Retail Association of India. Reliance Jio company owner According to Mukesh Ambani, the new commerce platform will change the life of nearly 30 million Indian merchants across the country.

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